Adelaide was born in Tempe, Arizona, but spent her childhood serving with her family onboard the world's largest floating bookstores. After returning to the Phoenix Valley, she attended Arizona State Universtiy to pursue an education in the arts, and earned her BFA in Photography in the spring of 2016. While at ASU, Adelaide studied under the mentorship of Betsy Schneider, Peter Bugg, Mark Klett, and William Jenkins. Her work has been exhibited in multiple Tempe galleries, as well as the Drive-Thru Gallery in Phoenix and Art Intersection in Gilbert. Adelaide currently resides in Seattle, Washington.. 


Statement  -  Slow Fraying

The world shifts around me quicker than I would like it to, and I find myself with clenched fists trying to hold everything still; the camera helps me with this. Though the subject in front of my lens changes, I am always interested in our connections to our surroundings, and the ways we try to preserve those connections. At surface level, I explore themes of place and relationship, the context we find ourselves in and how it defines us. On a more subconscious level, I’m inspired by memory and the way we trust photographs to keep our memories safe.

Most recently, I have been making work about my sister. I’m two years older than my sister Kelsey, but I can’t remember my life without her. She’s always been there. In a world that shifted constantly around us, we were the eye of the hurricane. She is my rock. Most days, it feels like she is the eldest, and I the younger, following her lead and always wanting to hold her hand. Kelsey is fiercely independent, and I am fiercely dependent on her.  As we grow older, it is becoming clear that our dreams have us on different paths. We can feel the shift beginning, and we are pushing back against the change, desperately trying to hold onto what we have. By making these photos, I am leaning deeper into this push and pull of our desire for change and the fear of it.

With this work, I hope to challenge the limited societal interpretation of intimacy as solely romantic by giving viewers a window into the close-knit relationship between siblings.  I am exploring the dynamics of sibling roles in relation to birth order and how those dynamics change over time as we learn how to stand on our own after a lifetime of being back-to-back.